2016/11 WHY WORK?

2016/11 Why Work? Our works don’t earn salvation but they do provide evidence of salvation The hymn writer expresses God’s truth in the words: ‘Thy works, not mine O Christ, speak gladness to this heart; they tell me all is done, they bid my fears depart.’ In the Gospel the emphasis is that Christ’s work

2013/01 WHO AM I ?

‘Who am I?’ is a question that will determine how we live. We are to use our hands for His glory, walk with our feet in His paths, and speak with our tongues of His truth.


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2015/03 What makes Good Church Music? Blogs, books, posts, positions. A Google search for “glorifying God in our music” yields 1,410,000 items, so it is easy to see that much has been (and is being) written about music in worship; nearly everyone has something to say about the topic. Allow me to offer some brief

2013/03 WHY AM I HERE?

We are not on this earth by accident. We are made by God, and ‘The LORD hath made all things for Himself…’ (Proverbs 16:4) So, when we consider our purpose on this earth, we must not leave God out of our thinking.


2015/03 Willing to do the Father's Will The strength of the Christian gospel lies in the truth that the work of salvation is done for us, not by us. Other religions consistently teach that to know God we must ‘do.’ The Gospel teaches that we know God because of what He has done!  The words

2013/03 WHAT MUSIC?

What music should I listen to? Man is a spiritual creature, made in the image of God, and this gift of music touches the spirit of humanity in a unique manner.



2015/03 FOUNDATIONS How can I know Salvation? What do you consider to be the most important matter in your life right now – education, relationships, career, or sporting development? However you answer, God’s Word declares that the need of salvation is the most important matter in your life. What is salvation? At the commencement of

2013/05 WHAT IS LIFE?

Dark is the absence of light, and death the absence of life, but what is life? The sinner is described as being ‘dead in sin’. He is without spiritual life, but what is life?



2015/05 FOUNDATIONS How to Know Assurance of Salvation While it is wonderful to know that we can be saved, it is even more wonderful to be saved and know it! Many are confused as to how to obtain and maintain such an assurance. The Scriptures warn of a false assurance based on a spurious faith


We are told that the Word of God is ‘the only rule to direct us how we may glorify and enjoy him.’ (Shorter Catechism Answer 2) But is the Bible reliable?