The Jehovah’s Witnesses

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2018/09 The Jehovah’s Witnesses   One of the most prevalent religious sects active in our province today is the self-styled Jehovah’s Witnesses (JW). They are active in 240 lands with a claimed 120,053 congregations. As of 2017, they had 8,457,107 active members. Their yearly “Memorial of Christ’s Death” was attended by 20,175,477 people last year,

The Drugs Problem


2018/07 The Drugs Problem Humanly speaking, man is unable to solve the drugs dilemma. This is because man fails to address the core issue - the real problem. The heart of the problem is the problem of the heart. The problem of drug use in Northern Ireland has become an increasing concern. A decade ago

The Protestant at the Mass

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2018/07 The Protestant at the Mass - Should I Attend or Not?   This is a question that arises from time to time. A Roman Catholic whom we know through work, social connections or family links passes away and we ask, “Should I attend the funeral mass? Would it be rude if I do not attend?


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2018/05 Chris-like Christians According to his teaching, “neighbour” crosses all boundaries, real or imagined, of culture, class or creed; and according to the commandment we are to love them as ourselves. So we are Christians – but what does that really mean?  Followers of Christ, yes; devoted to His Word, of course; and having a


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2017/09 Martin Luther and Christian Education For you cannot teach an old dog new tricks, and it is hard to reform old sinners, but it is easy to train and bend young trees. Martin Luther recognised the importance of establishing Christian schools as part of the work of Reformation. It is sometimes forgotten that the


Anyone in attendance at an ordination service in the Free Presbyterian Church cannot fail to note one pledge required of those entering into office.


2015/05 Guarding the Pulpit A few months back, in the aftermath of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland’s failure to elect a first female Moderator, a prominent Religion Correspondent, himself a Presbyterian, railed against the “male brotherhood” in his denomination. He went on to express dismay that “some male ministers are still able to bar women

2013/03 ABORTION

So abortion is illegal in Northern Ireland? If only it were as simple as that! Abortions are being carried out every week in hospitals and clinics throughout the province.


2015/05 Power of the Cross If we want to see souls saved we must proclaim the work of Christ on the cross – that was the mind-set of the Apostle Paul. His love for souls ensured that he did all he could to see those souls come to a saving knowledge of God. Thus, in



The Prime Minister, a vociferous campaigner for the change, saw a majority of Conservatives – eighteen members of government included – withhold their support.