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God’s Great Love

Love is not just something that God has, it is what God is. It is His very nature. So then, the Father is love, the Son is love and the Holy Spirit is love. We know that God is also light (1 John 1:5). Light speaks of everything that is the opposite of moral evil and sin. We may think of light as a synonym for holiness and purity. This means God’s love is a pure and holy love. He is never love at the expense of light, and never light at the expense of love. How then can God be love and not find His love in conflict with His light? As the God of burning holiness, He must punish sin, and yet as the God who is love, His disposition to love leads to receiving sinners. How can He in love forgive sinners and still be just?

The supreme manifestation of the Father’s love was in the sending of his Son. When He gave his Son He gave His all. No other gift was equal with or superior to Him.  No greater, fuller, richer love could be exhibited. The Father loved those who were the objects of His wrath so much, that He gave Infinite Love to bear that wrath as their Substitute. The Son’s love was such as to endure that wrath, so that the beloved for whom He died would never experience it. The fullest expression of His love was when ‘he offered up himself’ (Hebrews 7:27). He had nothing worthy of His love to offer, but Himself. Indeed His love would be satisfied with nothing else and nothing less. The love that sustained the agonies of Calvary could have no origin but in Him who is Love.

If we know His saving love let us enjoy it and treasure it. Very soon His glory will fill our vision when He presents us spotless before His Father and then His love will have realised its end in our perfection in Heaven for evermore.

The Spirit’s love is no less than the Father’s and the Son’s. The Father loved in sending, the Son loved in dying, and the Spirit equally exhibits His love in applying to our hearts the purchased salvation. It is His work to awaken our souls to the danger we are in as sinners and strive with us when we resist His wooing. Did we embrace salvation in Christ, when the Spirit first showed us its necessity? Surely we procrastinated, yet He persisted and now our present faith and hope is a living monument to His patient, conquering love. How thankful we are that He did not leave us. He now indwells us to give help and comfort and enables us to walk in the comfort of the Holy Spirit. Is such work not because of His love?

God loves us because He is love and we love Him because He first loved us. We worship the triune God who is love.

Rev Leslie Curran.