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The Preciousness of Christ

‘Unto you therefore which believe He is precious.’  1 Peter 2:7

Christ is only precious to a believing heart. Nothing but saving faith can render Him so. The natural heart has no delight in Him and can have no communion with Him.  Faith is the sole spiritual faculty that discerns Christ and realizes His preciousness; indeed He can only be precious to us, in this world, by faith.  Faith sees Him as instantly precious, viewing Him as the One ideally suited to all our wants and fully adequate for our relief. He is all preciousness and nothing but preciousness. Such preciousness is both the evidence and the consequence of saving faith. He is precious to those bought with His blood and entitled to life by His death. In Himself and in his offices He is precious to them.

As our Prophet, the words of His mouth are the words of eternal life. And by His Spirit He enlightens the understanding to behold the wonder of the gospel.  As our great High Priest, having made complete atonement, He now appears in glory as the ever-living intercessor with a never lessening interest in His people. As our mediatorial King, He reigns in the hearts of His subjects, bringing them into willing obedience to His commands.

When Christ is precious, the scriptures are precious, since they are the very word of Christ.  They testify of Him.  Heaven is precious too as the place where He is and where the saints of God will go to be with Him. He is so precious that nothing can be a substitute for Him on earth or in Heaven. He is dearer than all other persons or things.

There are times in life when He is increasingly precious. Is He not highly valued by a heart restored from its wanderings, from a time when some object came between that heart and Him? It felt the chastening rod and timely correction, when love languished for Him. Thankfully it was favoured with His gracious presence and reviving power.  In times of adversity too, He grows more precious.  A friend is born for adversity and becomes more precious in time of need.  Christ is the true Friend and He comes near in keeping with His promise ‘I will be with [thee] in trouble’, Psalm 91:15.

He is touched with the feeling of our infirmities, and in all our afflictions He is afflicted.  It is in seasons of trial and testing that we get to know Him better and love Him more. We can receive with submission and thankfulness all that He sends, knowing that only precious things come from the One who is precious to us. Objects often loose their attraction and value with the lapse of time but Christ, the object of our faith, only grows more precious!

And in the closing scene of life, Christ will be incomparably precious. As earth recedes, heart and strength fail, and we enter the valley of the shadow of death, He will be more precious than ever. His word will be: ‘Fear thou not, for I am with Thee’, Isaiah 41:10. Then will begin the eternal enjoyment of His preciousness in glory.
Rev Leslie Curran.